Rusevih manor, green camping «Shining Ibis»


Nowadays we are used to the achievements of modern civilization and many can't imagine life without satellite connection, Internet and refrigerator. The edge between city and wildness is being erased and it seems that civilization absorbs everything. Humans proclaimed themselves as kings of  nature, however, sadly, they forget that they are part of it. Maybe, you have visited the most famous resorts of the world but ordered lifestyle in boarding house, amazing hotel leaves you just the same city citizen who escaped to breathe some fresh air. Living among the wild nature in the Dniester delta, canes, lakes, birds, forest on the opposite site, allows you to feel yourself as a part of surrounding nature in which there are no borders between animals, birds and people. All together – is a living organism ordinated  by same laws of breathing, movement and seeing. Such travel guarantees you truly interesting rest, renewal of physical and mental harmonies. Visiting company “Green delta”, far from city turmoil, you will be able to get acquainted with unique swamp grounds, see the life of water birds in natural environment, get delight from fishing, rest on green camping, try real fish soup, make  unique video and photographs.

Graceful pelicans flight, beauty of unique plants, bright sun, tender waters of lakes and estuary – this is not a mirage but fantastic reality of wild nature.

Charm and delight, romanticism and romanticism – this is a formula for unforgettable rest in Dniester delta. Fascinating programs of “Green delta” for ecological excursions will help you make a first step for creation of real spiritual wealth of our nature. Nature needs Dniester Delta, as well as we do. Let's get acquainted with it closer and will safe it for present and future generations. 


  • Three-story new comfortable stone house with the view on Dniester. Consists of spacious guest room connected with kitchen-dinning room (2nd floor) and 5 bedrooms (2 – on the first floor, 1 on the 2nd , 2 – on the 3rd floor).
  • New stone house with Euro - planning  and view on Dniester. Consists of guest room, kitchen-dinner room, 4 bedrooms.


  • comfortable arbors for rest
  • guest houses with all facilities
  • mini-swimming pool
  • furnace
  • brazier
  • ping-pong
  • swing
  • shower
  • parking
  • WC


prices start from 250 hrn

Additional services

Green delta company is founded on philosophy of ecological world view.

  • organization of rest in camping park
  • nature protection activities
  • water-swamps monitoring sweeps
  • scientific research for nature protection
  • photo-exhibitions


Address: Rusevih manor “Shining Ibis”. Odessa region, Belyaevsky district, v. Mayaki, Godovaya str, 8 -10

Phone: (048) 717-89-89, (067) 187-65-81



About the district

Today district is one of the biggest (4,5% of region territory). It directly adjoins to the region center borders from one side and to the Republic of Moldova from the other. Also, the district's territory borders with Razdelnyansky, Ovidiopolsky, Ivanivsky, Kominternovsky disticts.

Besides Dniester, Baraboy river flows through the Belyaevsky district territory. Hadzibey and Dnistrovsky estuaries are important to be distinguished from water resources of the district.

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