Fishing and fishing tours from «Laguna»
November 26, 2014 / Activities


Fishing can be carried out with huntsman service on motorboats in Dniester delta, with departure in to private streams (in 1 km radius from accommodation place), also artificial reservoirs. In delta different breeds of fish can be caught: som, a sazan, a pike perch, a pike, a crucian, the bream, a perch, ram, the rudd.

Ecological tours on Dniester delta with qualified guides on water transport with picnics on islands. Water excursions are run on fast  boats (4-6 seats), also on pleasure boat (12 seats).

Water excursions and delivery on “Green parking” are set on fast and pleasure boats. On “Green parking” different meals can be cooked by cooks and instructors.

Picnic  on “Green parking” price – from 125 hrn. Depending on number of people and orders.

Wild nature surveillance

For  those who are interested in admiring nature, opportunity to watch birds and animals in wild conditions can be proposed. In Dniester delta  many breeds of birds, some of which are included in Red book are living and making nests. It is possible to set tents on the islands for nights depending on wishes of tourists.


For hunting fans on wild duck or goose and all variety of birds relevant activity can be organized if relevant agreements and regulations are present.


Address: “Laguna” manor, Odessa region, Belyaevka, Lenina str., 132,

Phone: (048) 522-53-61



About the district

Today district is one of the biggest (4,5% of region territory). It directly adjoins to the region center borders from one side and to the Republic of Moldova from the other. Also, the district's territory borders with Razdelnyansky, Ovidiopolsky, Ivanivsky, Kominternovsky disticts.

Besides Dniester, Baraboy river flows through the Belyaevsky district territory. Hadzibey and Dnistrovsky estuaries are important to be distinguished from water resources of the district.


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