Complex is situated in Belyaevsky district of Odessa region, in one hour trip from Odessa and 5 minutes from district center – Belyaevka. Suitable entrance, parking, guarded territory. Huge number of piers for fishing  and arbors for comfortable rest.

“Sputnik” hotel is situated in Belyaevka center. Suitable location allows finding a cozy place of silence in the center of small but busy town simple and fast. This modest hotel can be your companion in any kind of travel.

Nowadays we are used to the achievements of modern civilization and many can't imagine life without satellite connection, Internet and refrigerator. The edge between city and wildness is being erased and it seems that civilization absorbs everything. Humans proclaimed themselves as kings of  nature, however, sadly, they forget that they are part of it. Maybe, you have visited the most famous resorts of the world but ordered lifestyle in boarding house, amazing hotel leaves you just the same city citizen who escaped to breathe some fresh air.

About the district

Today district is one of the biggest (4,5% of region territory). It directly adjoins to the region center borders from one side and to the Republic of Moldova from the other. Also, the district's territory borders with Razdelnyansky, Ovidiopolsky, Ivanivsky, Kominternovsky disticts.

Besides Dniester, Baraboy river flows through the Belyaevsky district territory. Hadzibey and Dnistrovsky estuaries are important to be distinguished from water resources of the district.

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